CPA Secure File Share


CPA Secure File Share

ICFiles is your Secure Connection to your Clients

ICFiles is a secure document transfer system using a multilayer protection design; the shell is a monitored firewall and at the core is an SSL DigiCert that supports 4096-bit, SHA2 encryption and the datacenter is SSAE SOC 2 Type II certified.

All files are stored in an encrypted state on the server using 256-bit AES Encryption. ICFiles is strong password and filename obfuscation protected, allowing you to share your client files over the Internet in a safe environment. Our servers are real time virus protected and backed up while encrypted. All account passwords are encrypted with a one-way encryption. This means we don’t know your password and no one except you and your client can see your data!

ICFiles is the first step toward a secure communication plan. You will have instant access to important documents from anywhere in the world. You will be able to upload, download and view client files 24 hours a day. ICFiles also allows for the monitoring of your clients’ downloads so you can bill for your services.

We offer full customization of this product to fit your every need.

The Secure Office of the Future
A paperless way of communicating with clients is something that tax preparers have probably dreamed of since accounting was invented.

“Papers produce clutter and can only be in one place at one time when you want to have absolute certainty that both parties are viewing the same document.”

Full Detail on Security Protocol

Be safe and secure in the future with ICFiles!

ICFiles Benefits:

  • ICFiles eliminates paper financial reports and tax returns.
  • Waste no more time searching through filing cabinets for documents.
  • With an ICFiles account, your time is spent getting important things done instead of filing or searching. Think of the space you can save in the office.
  • ICFiles eliminates postage for tax returns, financial statements and other monthly mailings (no overnight shipping bills.)
  • When you are out of your office, you still have instant access to all of your documents from anywhere in the world with the use of a computer and an Internet connection.
  • With ICFiles, you control who sees which documents with password protection. It's more secure then a cabinet with a lock on it. It’s like having a lock on every client file.
  • Supports ALL document and data file types.
  • The CPA and the clients are both automatically notified of documents newly added to ICFiles via email.
  • A DigiCert SSL supports 4096-bit, SHA2 encryption of ICFiles documents in transfer.
  • Uploaded files are encrypted for storage on the ICFiles server using 256-bit AES Encryption, offering extra security for your sensitive documents.
  • Documents are transferred encrypted on the way up to the server, while on the server and on the way down from the server, giving 360-degree protection.

ICFiles Plans Offer

  • All files come with the option to Auto Delete!
  • All files are encrypted at all times.
  • All passwords are protected with the Strong guidelines.
  • All passwords have one-way encryption.
  • A file system view is available for quickly moving between folders.
  • ICFiles WhiteBox Desktop App for easy access.
  • No Charges for Bandwidth.
  • No Charges for Users.
  • No Charges for Administrators.
  • 1GB, 5 GBs, 10GBs, 15GBs, 25GBs, 50GBs or 100GBs of storage space comes with a yearly subscription.
  • ICFiles allows for an unlimited number client/user accounts at no charge.
  • ICFiles offers full customization to meet all your firm’s needs.
  • ICFiles offers Customer Branding to match your website look and feel.
  • Custom website sign on box comes with set up.
  • Drag and Drop Files for upload.
  • Send Private notes with your documents, and correspond back and forth about a specific document inside ICFiles.
  • Upload documents up to 2GBs in size at one time.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support.
  • Upload a client list of 1000 or more all at one time.

CPA Secure File Share
Perigee with ICFiles Login

Please call for Demo Login Information.

Read a Review of ICFiles

"The ICFiles system has been helpful in our transition toward a paperless office. Our firm tracks a large amount of sensitive documents, so security and organization are important to us. The system allows our firm to upload and download documents with ease, while strong encryption adds peace of mind. We can see who transferred what files and when, which helps us keep projects on schedule. Setting auto-delete dates when uploading files keeps our storage usage down and saves us the trouble of cleaning out old files long after the project is complete. However, we appreciate the option of expanding storage as our business grows.

"Overall our firm has had a very positive experience using the ICFiles system. Customer service has always been prompt in addressing our concerns, and Service2Client has been adding new functionalities to increase our overall efficiency. We look forward to their continued innovation and service."
- Nancy Campbell, CPA - Tate & Oellrich, Inc. P.S.

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