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Do you feel like your website is at the bottom of the ocean? Service2Client can raise it to the top!

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Submission

Service2Client is proud to offer CPAs SEO and SES services at an affordable price. Companies from all over Dallas and the country come to us for help with increasing the traffic on their website.

Does this sound familiar?
“I like my custom website design but I’m just not getting enough of my clients to come to the site.”
Believe it or not, this is the No. 1 challenge that website owners encounter. Who’s going to the site and why?

We can help you overcome this challenge, and it is only a small obstacle if you choose Service2Client to do your CPA SEO and CPA SES.

Undiscovered websites are like a talented person without a resume. In order to be seen by new clients, you have to optimize and submit your website design.

"No matter how adept you are at building a website, no one will visit unless it's properly marketed. They can't come if they don't know it's there.”
Cade Metz, PC Magazine

What Search Engine Optimization Can Do For Your Website

"Search engines are the doorways to the online world for most consumers, with IDC estimating that 84 percent of surfers gain access to Internet content through a search engine."

"Recent research from Double Click revealed that 41 percent of Internet users gained initial brand awareness from search alone - without exposure to logos and graphics.”

Stephane Perino, pioneer of the Internet in Europe

The Methods That Work For You
Our education, experience, knowledge and resources provide you with everything you need to achieve the best possible search results. At Service2Client, we don't believe in magic formulas or techniques steeped in gimmicks. Each site is individually viewed and accessed by our team in order to properly determine the combination of methods that will achieve the results most desired. Below is a listing of what you can expect Service2Client to deliver each and every time.

  • Determine and Analyze Each Client's SEO Goals and Goal locations.
  • Conduct Keyword Research Ensuring Only the Most Relevant Search Terms Are Used
  • Develop an SEO Campaign Strategy
  • Add Meta tags, Alt Tag, Header Tags, Key word placement, Site index, Site Map, Robot Files.
  • Create, Apply and Manage SEO Materials for Each Site
  • Email reports showing increased rankings
  • Submit Site to Major Search Engines and Web Directories
  • Monitor SEO Campaign and Strategy Results
  • Manage SEO Campaign, Adjusting as Needed



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